K9 Security Guard Security

Improve response time with a dog's superior hearing and sense of smell

K9 support plays a major role in protecting your business or property, we at LMH Security know that you will always be looking for ways to improve the safeguarding of your property or premises. Our Professional K9 support teams provide the most reliable & effective deterrents against vandals and thieves. People who intend to attempt criminal activity such as burglary, vandalism and breaking entry etc. will quickly think twice when faced with a qualified K9 Unit. Our security dogs are always under the control of their trained handler and will stand firm against any threat.

A trained K9 will alert their handler using their superior hearing, sense of smell and ability to identify any potential threats or trespassers. These are just a few of the ways that a trained K9 team can improve response times to intrusions on any assignment. The commitment that a K9 unit will provide will ensure that premises, the public and property are protected day or night.

All K9 Units benefit from their own self sustained welfare unit for dogs and guards.

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